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    Default Please check my Blinder M-20 Install! [PIC]

    1992 BMW 325i

    Yeah, it's pretty beat up, but I live in Manhattan and it's got over 210,000 miles on it

    Anyway, I installed my Blinder M-20 today and I was hoping you could check it over and let me know if everything looks OK. I think it went pretty well considering my car is parked 40 blocks from my apartment and I had to install it on the the street! Took about 3 hours with the few tools that I brought with me. It isn't leveled yet because I am parked on an incline. All the wiring went really well, I just want to make sure the location looks good to those of you who have more experience than me.


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    Really clean and stealth install, it took me a little time to find it, best thing I would say is to put it in the first hole of the bumper I think it is low, remember you are trying cover the headlights and because they are right on the sides of the license plate the LP is coompletely portected.

    Overall really good install.

    Enjoy it



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