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    Default Blinder Installation

    I am planning on getting a Blinder sometime in the (semi)near furture. I am a little worried about installation. I am planning on getting an Install Card from Roy, but was wondering if anyone had any experiences in getting a Blinder (or similar) installed in New England? I wouldn't mind driving or paying extra even.

    I am looking for a place that won't mess my new car up, and knows how to put a jammer in. What I'm not looking for a some auto stereo installation shop that know's how to put a sub in a trunk, but knows nothing about how to position and set up a jammer.

    How have everyone's installations been in the past? Run into any idiots, or mostly good people? Any suggestions?


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    Well, I got the install card from Roy as well and the installation went very well. Of course I live in Wisconsin, not in New England. I think the place was set up to install stereo's, but the installation of the Blinder Really is not that hard. Just make sure they have them level and even with the bumper, not pushed in. You should be fine. The Install card people also have lifetime warrenty on all installations. You can't beat it.




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