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Thread: Blinder vs AL8

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    Default Blinder vs AL8

    So, I am on the verge of purchasing laser protection. Where I live, there is a lot of Ultralytes, and I have some concern over the new AL with some of the ultralytes. I know the AL is more expensive, but not regarding price, would you two opt for dual AL up front or blnder 20 upfront?? Thanks..

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    Check out the results of the GOL tests before making a decision.

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    If you're getting an AL8 you have to put into consideration you'll need two transponders, not one. This goes with all jammers because if you put the jammer center mass a car might be in front of you that'll block the jammer from detecting. In the mean time an officer would clock you on a headlight. Sethy got a ticket with his blinder this way.



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