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    Default Self test tone twice?

    Hello all,

    I just installed an M20 unit in my corvette and when I start the motor I get a tone from the buzzer and the led turns red. I assume this is the self test. But about 30 seconds later I get the tone and light again. Is this normal?


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    the first tone is the startup tone. Normal.

    the second one 30 seconds later is the "end of self test" tone. Also normal.

    within the first 30 seconds it allows you to point something like a tv remote at the Blinder and it will alert, letting you know they are functioning.
    after the 30 seconds they normally won't alert to things like that.

    all is fine.

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    If you turn it on before you start the car it may turn off and back on again and you will have 3 tones (or 4 depending on how long it was on for).



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