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    Default Possible future mounting trouble?

    Well today I was looking at my car getting ready to decide where to put my blinder heads when I order them this week and when looking at the grill in the middile I found out it's a no go. It's just plastic held in by plastic screws and I'm afraid with the extra weight of the blinder heads it will break the grill :?

    So I've highlighted some other possible areas to possibly mount them at. Red = plastic grill where I can't really mount. Let me know what you guys think. I think orange is way too low but thought I'd add it in. Yellow and Green is ment to be sitting on the frame of the car.

    I think green is my best bet so far sitting infront of the grill on the frame. Front plate is not required where I live, so worried about my headlights mainly.

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    Get an M30(three heads) one directly under where the plate would be and mount the other heads in the lower yellow location and use VEIL

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazyVOLVOrob
    Get an M30(three heads) one directly under where the plate would be and mount the other heads in the lower yellow location and use VEIL
    Wouldn't it be better and for about the same price to buy a AL/LPP?


    And that way you can mount it by the grill, and don't have to damage your car so much?

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    make some brackets and dremel out some slots in the grill for the heads to come through a bit make some metal brackets and screw em onto something behin there like maybe the bumper support. i did this with the vue. i used 1/4" thick 1" wide aluminum stock and make a box the blinder heads are mounted to the rear bar of the box and the front bar is mounted to the actual bumper support. works awsome.



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