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    Default Does the 2005 LE30 vs the M20 thread still hold true?

    For reference:

    I am debating between the two and came across this poll and thread in 2005. It seemed that the Lidatek, previously thought to be inferior to the Blinder, emerged the victor.

    Since then I have seen on several sites it is the Blinder that emerges as the victor.

    Is this a dead argument or can anyone help me make the right decision? I have a BMW 545 with no front plate. I like the idea of the Lidatek having better range and less punchthrough vulnerability (according to the thread above), and the fact that you don't have to worry about hitting a switch. It is also more discrete and apprently easier to install, without the need to aim it because of the diodes strength vs LED. But what about reliability and the fact that the company is being acquired and the fact that I can't reach anyone at their 800# and all the voicemail boxes are full?
    As for the blinder, is it better because it lets you decide when to turn it off? Are two LED transponders better than one diode? And what about error codes...does it produce more or less than the lidatek?

    Making thigs even more cimplicated is the possibility of a new blinder this spring. How easy is it to upgrade the two of them? Will the LE30 become dated?

    Well, there you have it, the battle in my head right now!

    Any input is much appreicated.

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    no need to double post please

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