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    Default Something wrong with my Blinder/car/install

    So, I just finished installing my Blinder M20 Extreme in my Subaru WRX STi.
    I flush mounted the units with the grilll, and I tapped into the radio for power, and I used a chassis ground.

    When I turn on the ignition, the green LED light comes on, and everything appears fine. However, when I start the car, after about 5 seconds of the car being on, the LED turns red and the buzzer sounds for about 2 seconds. This only happens when the car is running, and not when the ignition is just on. I also took a tv remote and shot it at my V1 which showed laser. When I shot it at the Blinder, I got nothing.

    So, what is going on? is it a problem with the blinder, my install, or some weird car problem. Thanks

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    I do not believe there is a problem with your blinder install. a TV remote will set off a v1 due to the crazy laser sensitivity, but the blinder does not false. The blinder will not go off to a TV remote- which should be a reassurance. As for the startup, if the blinder sctreetches for 2 seconds and the red light is on, that means it passed the self start up. If there was somthing with the blinder, it would continually screetch and the light would stay red. Relax, feel protected!

    Welcome to the board

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    Hey, thanks for the welcome!! I fixed the problem. I would turn the radio on, and the Blinder light would go red/green very rapidly and make a werid noise. With the radio off, the green light was very dim, and it would kind of fade on. I just chose a different power source through the fuse box, and it works great now.

    Thanks a lot for your help!!

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    Wow, your stereo must either pull some major juice or the blinder has pretty poor power filtering.

    I wired my RX65 in to the switched lead going into the stereo (Clarion DB336MP) and have had no issues as of yet, but i'll keep this in mind when I get a jammer.

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    It sounds like the power source was the problem. If the Blinder is having a power problem it will show up in the self test or the LED. Let me know if you have any further questions. I'm Here any time.



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