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    Default Effectiveness of M-10 vs M-20/M-40


    I wonder if there is any data available about the effectiveness of the M-10 blinder vs. the M-20/M-40.

    I ride motorcycles, and the M-10 is much easier to install, and mount (and even to move from bike to bike), but its discontinued. I'd be interested in finding how much more effective the newer units are supposed to be.

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    Default m10-VS m20

    From the research that I have done it would probably be best if you went with a new m-20. From what I have read the M20 has updated software that will be more effective on newer laser guns.

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    Do any of these things actually work, or do they just make you feel better?

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    This actually does protect you.

    I have been "lasered" on over 5 different occassions. I have the M40 (but i've only had time to put the 2 front jammers on), and so far it has worked well.

    Just remember to wipe the front of the jammers off, because if enough crud like mud and insects get stuck to the front, then they become ineffective.

    The M20 jams more laser guns than the M10, but i never owned the M10 so i cannot comment on the truth of this or if it is just a marketing gimmick.

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    Default M10 vs M2 and M40

    The M-10 is an older model laser jammer from Blinder, it was replaced by the M20 and M40.

    The M20 has two laser jammer heads and is designed to be mounted in the front grill area

    The M40 has four laser jammer heads and is designed for larger SUV's, or you could mount the other two heads in the rear.

    The Blinder m20/m40 in our testing and the testing of Speed Labs, has been 100% effective in jamming all laser guns.

    The M10 had problems with water getting into the jammer heads, and also would not jam the some of the guns from Laser Atlanta.

    Also Blinder USA will not warranty the M10 if you have problems with the unit. These units were sold by another company, prior to Blinder USA taking ownership of the US distributorship
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