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    Default Will this work,... hMMM.....

    My friend install his like that behind the grill he said it works fine... no problems the girll is not in the way /.I sjamming good. !!! So i dont know iam still not sure where to intall mine. Front of the grill ? or behind and just cut the grill. but i really dont feel like cutting the grill on a M3[/url]

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    NOPE!!!!! I had a similar mounting for my Volvo and i could pick my car easily off at 1000+ft

    The Blinder heads need a clear view of the road in front and don't cut the grill just mount the head underneath the bumper in front of the grill!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbonzzz
    Yes, it would "work". But certainly not recommended, and certainly not optimal...
    ^ That's pretty much it - yes, technically, it'll "work," but it has been shown through hobbyist testing time and time again to produce rather unreasonable and impractical PTs, like crazyVOLVOrob cited, even for "out-braking."

    If that were me, I'd definitely re-mount.

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    A clean line of sight means a clean line of sight. Not a good install behind the mesh. If you block the detectors the unit will never turn on. Put them either in front or cut the grill.



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