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    Default How do blinders look on camera?

    I was looking into this and it says it uses inferred leds to block out the laser, but wouldn't this be extremely obviously to anyone with a camera? It would just be your car with what looks a like a bright flash light in your grill. Also, kinda unrelated, but wouldn't this also be the flaw with a MIRT (device that changes red lights), because they have camera on most intersections where I live.

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    Your headlights will appear alot brighter than any LED based jammer system. Even with most diode based systems, the headlights will be much brighter. The only possible excetion might be a Lidatek. If you are really worried, just get some fog/daylight driving lights and put them right next to the heads. That way those lights will be much brighter.

    As for the MIRT question, I believe that MIRT is only activated with a really fast "flashing" IR source. Forgot the exact number, but it's faster than most IR sources.



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