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    New to the forum but not so much to the world of Blinders, Jammers and Detectors. First off, is it possible to buy a new "Lidar Emiiter Head" for the Blinder System? I have the kit with two heads but I'd like to buy a third. I sent Blinder DK an email but have yet to get back to me.

    Secondly, if a blinder unit recieves a Lidar signal, does the unit that recieved the signal fire back or is the set up intelligent enough for all units attached to the control unit to fire back at the same time?

    Thirdly, does the Blinder unit control an array of differnet LED's wavelenghts or is it all 905nm?

    Many Thanks and may I say its an excellent forum,


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    Don't quote me on this, but I think that the control unit box doesn't really control heads; it's only for alerting the driver and giving power to the heads. The jamming "software" is in the heads.

    As for the heads firing at once, I think, from a video from RacerX that I saw, was that the heads fire independantly. Also, the frequency is set.

    Again, this is all things that I think are true.

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    Many Thanks for the reply. Maybe Blinder could clear it up?

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    The Blinder heads fire independently.
    the "black box" is only used for power and receiving alerts through the buzzer.

    you can buy additional heads, since each box powers up to 4.

    check with to buy additional heads.

    and it's only the 904-905 nm area.



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