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    Default question about interface

    a while back a buddy of mine bought a 87 Iroc Z camaro for $600, i went to go see it, and oddly enough it looked as if it had Blinder M40's on it. well today i finally got around to taking to front two and the interface off of it. first off, i want to make sure that they are Blinders. It has an interface box with 'interface' written on it. has a speaker and a little LED. theres a blue, a red, and a black wire coming out of the interface. obviously the red is for power, black is ground, but what is the blue for? the receievers looks as if they are blinders, they have s/n's on the back of em, that i can post if need be. i just really needed to know first, if they are blinders, and second, what the blue wire is for. thanks.

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    If the blue wire is anything like the LPP/AL, then it is for muting the radio/stereo when an alert is recieved.



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