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    Default Top laser jammer?

    The titile says top lase jammer by what performance,sales,or what?
    I'm new at looking at laser jammers but just starting to think i might need one

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    Well currently the top model we sell is the Blinder Xtreme

    There maybe a new model coming out this fall, the laser interceptor and we are hopeful that we will be selling it
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    As technology improves, yes, the vendors will jostle for position and others will move ahead, move back, move ahead again and so on.

    However, for your best protection in the present, I think the Blinder Xtreme will be fine. At least for the next year. Really---think about how often you run into Laser? That's a big determining factor. For me personally, I use the same routes daily, rarely deviate--see laser maybe once a couple of months.

    But the other thing to keep in mind is driving behavior--don't get a LJ and think you can cruise around at 95, not saying that you would, per se, but you know what I'm saying. Too many idiots buy good LJ's, fly at high speeds and then either curse the brand name when their dumb ass gets caught because they actually thought having it is all they needed OR, the other, give the rest of us issues by never turning their jammer off, thus, raising general suspicion over a period of time/in a specific area.

    Glad you're looking into things. Nothing annoys me more than people who buy LJ's and don't do the research 1.) on the product and 2.) how to use/drive with them behaviorly. A co-worker heard I got a LJ and said, "I need to get one of those, I could just go 100 to work and back." so I quickly recommended one of the more current Cobra RD's for starters, for him



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