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    Default Another no-alert post

    I have an M20 from just after the stealth mode fix (early winter 05/06). Today I was on the Dulles access road in northern VA and was lased. Pretty sure he was aiming at me because there was no one in front of me, and the next person behind me was pretty far back. My V1 went off but the blinder never did. Fortunately an oncoming car had flashed me so I was already slowed, so I can't confirm that he was aiming at me. While it is certainly possible that he was aiming at someone else, it seems unlikely.

    I got on here to see if anyone had any reactions to this story and I see there is another post on the same subject. Is there a new stealth mode laser gun out there, or can my blinder be malfunctioning while passing the self-test?

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    see my post here:

    yes, it can pass the "self test" but still have an alert issue.

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    thanks, that was the thread I referred to in my second paragraph, but I see you have more specific information. I will follow your progress.

    Does anyone in the Washington DC area have a LIDAR unit or a jammer tester? I would at least like to see the thing go off, but I realize intermittent failing may be specific to the pulse rate or other factors.



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