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    Default blinders hard to install

    hey guys, new to the site

    from people who have the blinder, and installed it them selves, was it really that hard to install? do you really need a professional to install it or if u read the directions well and u know ur way around your car well, could i do it? i am thinking about getting the m-20. thanks

    2000 audi S4/ 5-speed
    8500 X50
    Blinder M-20

    also, i live in wisconsin. i hope they aren't illegal here. ha

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    I'm also waiting eagerly on this matter, I'm ready to pull the trigger and with $1000 being average price on an M40X installed, assuming it's not a difficult deal, I'd be almost willing to give it a go myself

    BUT, if there are intricasies that need "professional" intervention, I'd also be willing to shell out to have it installed for me

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    It's pretty easy to install. You need to find how and where your going to mount the 2 transceivers and where are you going to route the wires through the engine bay. Also, where are you going to mount the on/off switch and speaker. Here is my install on my BMW M3.

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    It's not hard, BUT, set aside some time. Especially if you're not used to installing this type of thing.

    And be methodical. Don't rush it.

    First off, you will need to figure out which side you want the wires to run. You can go through both sides but it's a pain in the ass. I ran my to the left and went through the unused grommet at the glove compartment area.

    Which brings me to my second point--find your unused rubber grommets in your firewall. You can use one that is being used but then you have to cram the wires in there. That and in my car, the one near the fusebox is way too full and hard to navigate.

    Be sure to also get some heat resistant plastic cover to cover the wire from its traverse from the head to the firewall. And tie it down with plastic tie downs all the way through to keep it out of the way of other stuff.

    The internal is easy, IMO, compared to the outside. Just use 3M mounting tape to mount all the parts. Figure out where you want your On/Off switch to go and mount it in and run the wiring. I just drilled a simple hole near my gas pedal into the middle console for the light and stuck the alert speaker there as well.

    I would also advise buying those stick wire..uh..what's the word for, well, they take all the wires and keep them together like a tie but they stick to surfaces. I sound like and idiot but Home Depot will have them/be able to help you find them. They will keep the wires from running all over the floorboard.

    Happy installing---you will feel a good sense of "I did this?" when you're done and realize all those dollars you wasted on internal audio installations were unnecessary.

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    Default I installed

    I installed mine in about 30 mins...but I did install one before, and that install took me hours.



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