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    Default Installation Points XTerra Grill Guard (With Photos)

    Hey Crew
    With all the speed vans we now have in Albuquerque I'm very interested in Blinder. Looking at the pictures below do you think I will be able to simply install the transceivers next to my lights on my grill guard?

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    You would definitely need an M40 and I would try to find covers for your offroad lights

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    Man, That Thing Lookz Like a Laser Gun'z Wet Dream...

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    Ya, your telling me! I will put on my black plastic covers back on my off road lights. I'm sure the large reflective Nissan emblem is a nice bulls eye. I was hoping I didn't the M 40 because of the extra price. Do you think I will still need them if I measure a circumferences and it clears the front of the truck with 18 inches from both LED units? There is no need to block the bumper right? I mean its black and its plastic doesn't that almost make it impossible to lock as is?



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