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    Default M40? And Placement?

    Alright, Now Thiz iz All Hypothetically Speaking Here, But I Waz Wondering If I Got the M40 4 my Stang and Placed All 4 Headz on the Front If that Would b Adequate Protection 4 Me...

    Obviously the Stang iz a Laser Gun'z Dream and I Know Waiting 4 the LI Would Most Likely b a Wiser Decision, But If I Were 2 Get the M40 Would it b Enough? and Where Should I Place It? Here'z a Photo and Some Spotz I Waz Thinking About Putting It @...

    I Dunno If the Yellow iz Even Possible, But Thatz @ Least a Start...

    I Guess Another Question I'd Have Would b (Technically Speaking), Would More Jammer Headz = More Laser Protection = Possibly the Likelihood 4 More JTG'z? Sorry If Theze r Rather Idiotic Questionz, But I'm Pretty New 2 Jammerz. Thankz in Advance, any Additional Info iz Much Appreciated...[/img]

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    Also, Why iz It That There'z No Longer any Blinder M40'z on I Realize the Website iz Probably Still Under Construction, But Doez Thiz Mean It Will b Up Soon or r The M40'z Not 4 Sale on Anymore?



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