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    Default Blinder Speaker Q and other Q's

    I was looking at some pictures of the m20 and had a few questions.

    Is the speaker and LED 1 unit? the reason I ask sometimes when I see it installed in cars only the led is visable leaving me to believe the speaker is under the panel and there is a hole for the LED to shine through?? can you hear it then?

    Also, the mute wire will mute the car stereo when it goes off right? Do you have to use the mute wire?

    Another Q, when looking at the phone jack RJ 11 connections coming off the heads they look quite large, how do you get them through a grommet in the firewall without a larger hole?

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    speaker and LED plug in to the same outlet on the main Blinder box, but the wires can be seperated to put the LED and the speaker in different places.

    You do not have to use the mute wire. I have the M20 installed on my bike and have no radio.

    The heads of those jacks are no larger than phone jacks. You can usually find a spot to push them through the firewall. If not, a small hole drilled and then a rubber grommet or something put in there would do the trick.



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