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    Default Theft of laser jammers, ppl stealing them?

    Ok i'm about to buy the Blinder M45 b/c i live in NJ and drive in NY too, lasers everywhere, RX65 does a good job for radars. Anyhow, i see how the jammers are set up and it looks to me that it's really easy to steal them. Like can't somebody just take them from your grill, i know it's black from i can def see them during the day time, has anybody have theft stories they would like to share, is there insurance or warranties against theft, i don't want to spend over $600 and then it gets stolen easily, any inputs please!

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    guess stealing the heads would be easy, but they need everything else for it to work

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    Ditto, plus most thieves aren't going to know that those heads are for a laser jammer, or what it's worth, unlike an RD.
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    But laser jammers are getting popular, isn't the heads most important/most expensive. Also what about rocky roads and raining. Stones will be flying close to your grill and crack your lenses, don't think the lenses' covers are pexy glass...

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    Hardly ever happens plus considering the wires will have to be cut it renders the heads useless. Plus no one ever notices or discusses the laser jammer heads on my car

    A theft is more likely to steal your car stereo and radar detector before he gets to a laser jammer

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    Quote Originally Posted by aeck8313
    Also what about rocky roads and raining. Stones will be flying close to your grill and crack your lenses, don't think the lenses' covers are pexy glass...
    Don't worry too, too much about this. Just as the heads could get taken out by an errant stone or other debris, so can your headlight/foglight/radiator/intercoller.

    The first two may be even more expensive than your jammer head(s), and the latter two may leave your vehicle stranded or otherwise severely mechanically compromised.

    There's just so much you can worry about.


    As for theft, yes, that's definitely a concern, especially of the highly-valuable heads.

    This is why stealth/concealment of the installation may still be a big concern for many owners/users.

    Again, it's the compromises that are unique to you and your needs that will dictate your jammer choice, as well as their final placement/setup.

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    Yeah, no one is going to steal your heads. And if they do want to steal your heads, they realize what they are and their worth as well as the fact that unless they are going to pop your hood, get in side the car and spend 15 minutes unraveling everything hooked up in the car, that the heads are worthless.

    The only situation I would worry about that happening is if my car got towed and some unsavory towing dude took care of it while my car was in impound.

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    but they need everything else for it to work
    For some jammers , like the Blinder , the heads can work directly on the 12 volts without the control box ...with some knowledge you could connect back a led and a bipper ....

    This is not the case for the AL* least I was told by the manufacturer...

    For the time being I dont think the thieves have knowledge of jammers but who know... :roll:

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    Thanks guys for your replies, Now not sure if i should wait for the new LI or just buy the m45. Does anybody know if the laser manufacturers coming out with new liders to beat Blinder or LI, don't wanna spend money on things that soon will be obsolete, NJ and NY are laser fanatics, my poor belpro rx65 is useless in the highway against them...



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