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    Default Possible test for blinders (gol maybe?)

    Maybe poor jamming is caused by poor suspension? Think about it. Your blinder is parallel (or close to) the lidar gun, and when you slam on your brakes with long suspension, the blinder heads may point too far down, causing them to not be aimed facing the lidar, but instead point too far down at the road. Maybe Im just crazy but it came across my mind and I havent seen anything on it.

    Maybe blinder should add a self leveling head, so when you jam on the brakes, the heads will rock forward a little bit to keep them jamming the lidar gun, but only if testing proves effective.

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    This was noticed during testing with my Harley. If I hit the front brake when I was being hit with laser, the jammer head would come down and point to the ground.

    You just need to be aware of this and NOT slam on the brakes when the alert comes on, just slow down...
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