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Thread: M20 Victory II

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    Default M20 Victory II

    Saw someone else with the title so figure I would make it mine as well.

    Driving in Austin today on my morning commute on a corridor of Mopac that is famous for Ka patrol from unmarked cars. So, naturally I drive slow.

    I look ahead and see the tell-tell lights of a bike cop who has someone pulled over so I slow to PSL.

    BAM---there goes the blinder out of nowhere. Yep, LEO #2 was sitting there on the side of the road and shot me as a car passed (he was out of sight up to that point).

    Probably got me at 700'. I didn't really have time to reach down and turned it off but the alarm went off well after I passed him. So, it was comforting to know I jammed him to gun at such a short distance though that's something we don't want to be a norm (not turning off the jammer).

    However, this was my first hit since I installed it in March. So, it was GREAT to get it tested and watch him turn that gun as my car passed, heh heh heh...

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    Same thing happed to me the other day on the way home from work. I have the blinder M-25 on a black grand prix. A cop in a charger was shooting laser from a clover leaf on ramp. I went to the next exit and made a turnaround. I was lucky he was still there. I got into the fast lane on a 3 lane highway. At this time I slow down to let the car in front of me move ahead. This way the cop will have a clear shot at my car. There was a lot of traffic during 3:30 rush hour. I have a 9500i so this spot was marked about 6 months ago. Whats great about marking there speed trap into the 9500i it will show you how many feet are left to your marked location. At about 1000 feet my blinder went crazy. The 9500i was silent. Blinder went off for maybe 7 sec then stopped. Three sec later both my 9500i and blinder now went off for maybe 10 sec as I passed the cop. I do believe It was a JTG . This was a great test on the new m-25. Just to let you all know this cop was using the ultra light 20/20.



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