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    Default Blinder marketing claims vs. SML 05' and amateur testing

    A simple question I want to hear from Leon. It's no mystery that the Blinder M20 didn't jam 100% of the time in the SML 05' tests, yet on your website( it states,

    "Detects and jams at all distances in all circumstances."

    The amateurs showed test results of punch throughs and now SML shows the blinder doesn't jam 100% of the time either. Are you now going to change that statement or will you continue to keep that up there?


    p.s. This isn't going to turn into a pissing contest. Just give a "yes, I'm going to change it" or "No, I'm going to keep the marketing hype."

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    Default JTW

    JTW, your right, this isn't going to turn into a pissing contest cause I am locking this thread!

    Why does it matter to you if they use the results from a previous year or this year? If you feel that they are misleading the public, then file a damn complaint with the BBB and the Federal Trade Commission.

    This obvious “challenge” has no purpose on the forum other then to start another flame!

    Let people read the results and make up their own mind!
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