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    Default Good price for M20 install?

    Hey all. I recently had an M20 installed on one of my cars. At first, the advertised price was $399 installed so I went for it. I got in the day of installation and the owner told me they would have to pull the bumper so altogether it was $550 after taxes. I went ahead b/c I was going to get an M20 on that car anyways.

    I'm now thinking of getting another M20 on my other car. They again gave me the $550 quote b/c they said they usually have to pull front bumpers to do the install although I was hoping for $399. However, I was calling around and it seems that $550 for an M20 install seems very reasonable (or am I wrong?) Another shop was quoting me about $700 to install the SR7 laser shifter. Do you guys think $550 is fair?

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    Wow they are ripping you off hard core!!!!!! I when to a certified Blinder Retailer to install my unit and he charged $75 case to install my concealed display for V1 and Blinder M20 installation

    Blinder M20 is old technology and totally not worth that cost

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    Yeah I think my blinder install (after paying for the blinder) was about 100 bucks total.

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    Removing and reinstalling a bumper should not cost $150. Unless the dude thinks he's worth about a grand an hour.



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