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    Default Discovered a new Blinder trigger today

    When in the pre 20 second test mode a LEO's light bar will set the Blinder into alert. After test mode, the light bar had no effect.

    Used my Blinder equipped truck & drove towards a "test vehicle" with a blue/red Whelen strobe edge light bar & LED red/blue grill inserts. Blinder went crazy with alarms in test mode. Would not reset alert. Just kept alerting. Made another pass all the way to point blank after test mode & no alert.

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    Again, thanks for taking the time to test

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    Indeed, thanks for testing this!

    For those who don't know, this happened to me in real life a couple of months ago on the freeway. I reset my blinder as I thought something was wrong with it. As I passed the LEO who had someone pulled over, it went crazy while in test mode.

    Won was kind of enough run the test and answer my suspicion as to what the hell happened.

    Thanks again, Won!



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