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    Default Laser Jamming testing with Roy's tester - 60 sec test only?

    I am confused about something. I had posted on here that I was not able to get my jammers to fire. I have been told one thing that once it starts up you have only 60 seconds to test the jammers with cell camera, tv remote...etc.......well I have read the manual and I do not see this being written anywhere. Anyways, I have ordered and received Radar Roy's laser tester and it does work for about 60 seconds. Can someone tell me that this is working as designed? Because, I would had "assummed" that a laser tester would be able to keep testing past the 60 seconds. Can someone please answer this question and point me as well to where it is written that you can only test your jammers for 60 seconds. I am concerned that it does not work past 60 seconds. I would appreciate this very much.

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    Actually it's 30 seconds, and your Blinder box should have had a postcard size insert stating that.

    anyway, don't necessarily be too concerned that there is an issue.
    The Blinder may be fine, and is just ignoring the tester by not alerting.

    here's what you need to do.
    1. start the car and let them turn on.
    wait 1 full minute before doing anything. This ensures the Blinder is "ready" for a legit threat and is long out of test mode.

    get a camera handy, so do this in dim or dark place, unless you have a good IR camera, though you still don't want the heads in bright sunlight.

    step back about 12-18", and focus the camera on one of the heads, and aim the tester at it. you may need to move the tester around a bit and possibly switch hands, as the Blinders have the receivers on one side.

    You should see the Blinder "fire back" at the tester, even if it doesn't give you any audible alert. as stated above, it may consider the tester a "false alert" and not report it, but it will still send some type of "generic pulse" at it.
    I've done this MANY times and it works.

    with an IR cam it'll probably be white light, and regular cam probably a red light coming from them.
    that's what all my different cameras show anyway.

    hope this helps.



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