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    Default Advice on mounting location (MINI Cooper S)

    Radar Roy suggested mounting in the bottom grill. Does anyone think my rally lights would interfere with the blinder? If I have it mounted in the bottom grill will it still cover my headlights? Does anyone know if MD uses rear laser enforcement? Suggested installers in MD? Any other suggestions/advice? I do plan to use veil. Link to pics of my car below.

    Thanks, LH

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    I would like to see the units in the upper grill. Because of the lights.
    But because the units will be to close together and you would need to cut the grill.
    Mount them in the lower grill, under the bumper.
    I have tested the Mini with the Blinder mounted below the bumper, you will have no problems.
    Surface area, you will still get your coverage.



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