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    Default Blinder M25 Success Story, literally happened an hour ago...

    from the time of this post.

    I drive a white supped up ford focus... well I was driving down a long stretch of bridge in pinnellas county... called the bayside bridge for those of you familiar with the area. about half way across it.. I come to the rear of a semi truck, so to pass it, I change lanes to my right, dropped into 3rd and gunned it... by the time I get to 5th (going about 75 now in a 55) I reach the peak of a small hill on the bridge, My jammer starts screaming, while my radar detetector simultaneously goes off alerting me of Laser....

    Low and behold, there is a state trooper on a motorcycle targeting me... now this is the first time my blinder has been tested since installation, which was about 3 months ago, so I was kind of surprised and really didn't know how to react... so I slowed down... but I forgot to turn the blinder off lol...

    It kept screaming, all the way till I was right on top of him, and I notice the cop is looking at me... so I can only assume I jammed to gun... I was nervous because I didn't want him coming after me, because cops down here are allowed to "guesstimate" someone's speed, and it holds up in court... but he didn't come after me at all!


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    Default Blinder doing what it does best!


    That was awesome!! We need more post like this, to show people just how well the Blinder Xtreme series works. I remember my first laser trap when I had my M-20. I was actually nervous and that weird feeling you get in your stomach while your being hit and the blinder is screaming, freaks ya out at first. After that first laser hit, its all exciting after that.
    The minute I jammed my first police officer, I wanted to tell all of my friends about Blinder. Great post! 8)

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    I was riding my 05 zx-10 just yesterday and out of 5 motorcycles i was the only one that didn't get pulled over. Thanks blinder!
    m25 extreme front and back

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    Quote Originally Posted by bvoytekb
    I was riding my 05 zx-10 just yesterday and out of 5 motorcycles i was the only one that didn't get pulled over. Thanks blinder!
    m25 extreme front and back
    Where were you located in this group of bikes? If I were the cop firing, I would only need to lock the speed of one of the bikes in a group. It's pretty easy to see if everyone is moving at the same pace or not, then lock one persons speed, then pull everyone over.
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