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Thread: M-10 blinder?

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    Default M-10 blinder?

    I just came across a used M-10 jammer, dual head system. I never knew these existed, are they any good? i have oly heard of the 20,25,40,and 45, so im thinking something must be wrong with this prodct

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    Default Older technology :(


    The Blinder M-10 was a great jammer in its time, but its useless against the Laser Atlanta "Stealth Mode". It will jam the pro laser III and the stalker, but its not as good as the M-20 or M25. Stick with the M-20 and M-25. Blinder stop making the M-20's awhile back. They are no longer in production. So if you can get your hands on a nice M-20 jump on it. Personally, I'm a fan of the M-25. Its performance is outstanding. 8)



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