We did a independent test of this new GF-100 Laser mask Laser jammer to see if it was a "Jam to Gun Laser jammer", that the seller claimed it would be. I was told when I was purchased this Jammer by the Sales Rep that it was the best LED Jammer on the Market. I was also told by the "Seller" that it could Jam any laser gun, all the way to the gun, no matter which Laser gun I used. I do independent testing in the Atlanta area for all jammers. I was very curious about how well this Laser mask would perform as advertised. NOTE: on "center mass shots" I got punch-throughs at 494 feet starting from 1000 foot cone! Also note that this jammer is suppose to have a 5 second shut off system. It never did shut off, it just kept jamming. Apparently they got rid of the 5 second shut off option. See link below for our results.

YouTube - Laser Mask GF 100 Testing