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    Default Operation of Blinder

    I am looking to get a blinder and a guy that installs laser jammers from my dealership told me that the blinder automatically shuts off after an initial jam for 30 seconds. Is this true?

    Can someone outline how normal operation of the blinder works? Such as common programming options and if there is a switch to turn on/of, automatic on/off based on jamming, etc.

    Also, any install suggestions? use a cheetah kit?


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    I don't know about auto shut off, but I'm pretty sure there is an ON/OFF switch. If for some reason there wasn't, it'd be pretty easy to wire on in.

    Me, personally, I've never liked auto-shutoffs when one can easily shut something off with a switch. Thirty seconds is way too long to be jamming a LEO anyways.

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    You have a few options, but with the Blinder it will jam until you turn it off. The days of intentionally jamming an officer to the point where you can see the whites of his eyes are over. Or at least I hope they are behind us.

    Do your research, and make an educated decision. There are better more affordable options than the Blinder.

    But regardless, defiantly go with the Cheetah Wireless Installation.

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    What are some of these alternatives?



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