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    Default Testing M25 with golfball range finder

    Ok had a good idea the other day, why not test out my new m25 with my golf range finder. Tested it out and heres what I found-
    -it only reacted in test mode
    -it was able to get a true distance both in normal use and test mode

    should the laser finder be able to win against a m25? It uses infared so im guessing lidar guns use different methods for getting your distance?

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    My take is this (however laser jammers are not my thing):

    There is a possibility that your laser finder is not on the same wavelength (904nm) as police laser guns... so henceforth it would not be jammed by the jammer.

    Also, the more likely scenario (in my opinion) is your laser finder uses a totally different PPS scheme then any police laser gun(and essentially the M25 is not programmed for it.)



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