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    Default M20 Install on Tahoe SUV

    First post here but from what I have seen it's a great site.

    OK, It probably needs an M40 but im thinking of adding a bra to the front later. What your thoughts on the location of the M20 with Veil and a Laser Sheild?

    All of the locations will require some type of cutting and or bracket fabrication to mount the heads.

    Thanks in advance


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    You need a Blinder M40 and Veil just like you said as your vehicle is a big sitting duck to laser. Anything less will probably be your @$$ if you get targeted especially at a shorter distance. Also, the Veil is going to need to be put on all of the reflective surface including all headlights/foglights/turn signals and all of the chrome up-front. This will darken the chrome which may be a little too aesthetically displeasing to you but will help mask your vehicle from laser much better. Besides the Blinder M40, there is also the Lidatek LE30 Dual which some forum members have switched to and done testing with actually lidar guns too.

    The Blinder M40 heads would probably be best in the grill. In the lower half of the grill, I would move the heads closer to the midline of the vehicle so they would protect the license plate better. If there is space right above the license plate in the two little cut-outs there in the bumper, that would also be a very good spot. The upper two heads of the Blinder would probably be best in the same position of the lower two heads in your picture except moved to the upper part of the grill.

    This strategy although not cheap should severly hamper a police officer's ability to get a laser reading on your vehicle from more than a few hundred feet away. Who knows you may even get to see the officer slapping his laser gun with his hand to make sure it is working right as you pass by with a big grin on your face. Good luck with the installation.

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    OH YEAH an M40 plus Veil the crap out of that truck. Anything less will be useless.
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