Here were some old videos we had posted on Blinder saves, and just fooling around. The purpose of having a Laser Jammer is to have enough time to slow down before recieving a speeding ticket. Keeping that in mind "it is best to cut the jammer off "once you have slowed to the posted speed limit, allowing the officer to get your speed. In these videos I show you "what not to do" when you encounter a laser speed trap. These video's do show the effectiveness of the Blinder in a real world speed trap. However again I do not recommend you leave your jammer on. Always cut off your jammer when you encounter a laser speed trap. Enjoy!

YouTube - Blinder Renders Braselton PD Helpless

YouTube - Suwanee Cop Owned by M35

YouTube - Blinder M20 Jamming Braselton Police Officer