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    Default newb with blinder ??

    I purchased the m-20 blinder system and a x50 yesterday.I will be installing them on my motorcycle this weekend.The install seems pretty clear so my question is on the correct operation.Here we go i have the blinder system on and i get a laser warning,first i know i need to slow down if speeding.After slowing to the correct speed do i then turn the blinder off even if i am still getting hit or do i need to wait until the warning
    has cleared then turn off the blinder,and when hit the second time everything will be cool? Hope i didn't confuse anyone i think i confused myself lol.Thanks for any info guy's this is a great site and very interesting.


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    Well, slowing down to a semi-legal speed is the #1 priority, in case you get punch-through. After that, it's up to you. If you want to minimize suspicion from the LEOs I'd turn the Blinder off as soon as you reach a legal speed. That way they can get a speed reading.

    Or you can do like Outrun does and go for "JTG" (Jam To Gun), where they can't get your speed at all.

    I would recommend using Veil on your headlight(s) and marker lights, to maximize the Blinder's performance.
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    Get down to legal speed, he is not getting a reading.
    Then if you have the time worry about using the on-off.
    Most times you might not even have the time to get to legal speed.
    If you do have the time let him do his job, turn it off he gets legal speed go down the road and flip it back on.
    You just got out of a speeding ticket, don't push your luck.
    Worst case leave it on, he's going to the next car.
    I hear this every day.
    Thanks for using Blinder for your laser protection.

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    I hope you have a place to hide th blinder head cords that go to the reciever. Thay are about 10-15' long.

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    Sounds good guy's thanks for the tips.I will let you know how the install goes.




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