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Thread: M-20 question

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    Default M-20 question

    Do M-20's have a chance against the new Truespeed.

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    well considering they dont have the algorithm for it not rele? i mean they prob. would jam for a second or 2? i mean i think they would alert you that you are being hit with the truspeed its just if thats ur main threat ur in area i would look into the new truspeed enabled LI

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    ^ Although that's likely the case, again, we simply have no proof.

    It could be, out of sheer blind luck, that, for whatever reason, a M20 might just work great against the TruSpeed.

    Look, for example, at the 100 PPS UL issue, with the previous-generation LPP - and how many of us who either had paired the ZR3 with the LPP were smiling, because we just got lucky and achieved a good pairing of protection, with the ZR3 covering that "hole," or, alternatively, how many LPP owners, at that time, went and bought a ZR3, until their LPPs were updated.

    There's no guaranty.

    Don't get me wrong, overall, I agree with you, hockey - and that's where, if I were a betting man, my money would lie, too.

    But without any positive proof, one way or the other, now.

    Well.....we just don't know.



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