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    Default blinder that doesnt work

    i have blinder m20 and i tested it with remote control and it works fine, but wen i went on the road i got speeding ticket. i was not sure that he point the laser gun on my car so i turned and pass them one more time, nothing happends. when i went for another try i restart my jammer and pass them before 30 sec bip and finaly it worked. i payd 400$ for this blinder so i wounder is there any way to disable filter that arms after 30 sec. thx

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    Quote Originally Posted by igorm83 View Post
    i have blinder m20 there any way to disable filter that arms after 30 sec. thx
    All analysis aside on why or why not your blinder might not have gone off.. there are many reasons...

    If you bought this recently, forget the "filter", and get your money back. You got ripped off ! The M20 is many versions old.
    The newest version (M25) can be purchased for $379 from an authorized dealer.



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