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    Default M-20 Install on RX8

    I'll be going to a local installer this coming Monday to have the M-20 unit installed. Total cost for the unit w/ install is $399, which seems to be very good to me. My question is, where do you think the best place for the transceivers is? The fog light area seems to far from one another and the air dam on the very bottom seems too low. I'm thinking to hav them mounted on the grill (top-sides). What do you guys think? Also, if any of you guys have an RX8 and have completed the install, let me know if you have any pics. Thanks

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    Looking at Mazda's web site I would say the Grill is going to be your best bet.
    I would also Veil those headlights and foglights.

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    Here's a pic of the front of the RX8 if it helps

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    Some other questions for you guys:

    -Does the unit automatically power on and make all of it's noises each time you start the car even if the button is on off or does it have to be on for that to happen? (The reason I ask is because I'd like to keep this stealth from my wife too and not have her realize that it's in the car when she's in it)
    -Does the speaker have a volume adjuster or can that be done somehow or is it set at 95 dB period?


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    The unit does have an on and off switch but they give you no way to turn down the speaker,but I do not see why you could not wire in a volume knob for the speaker.



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