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    Default What is stealthmode??

    I am on the verge of buying a laser jammer..I have teh Pasport 8500 x50, and am very happy with it. I was thinking of the LR3. I am reading problems with Blinder and stealth mode. Which other brands have difficulty with this. what exactly is this?? Thanks tons

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    Right now the only currently shipping jammer that works with stealth mode is Blinder. Blinder has fixed the stealth mode problem with the brand new units that are starting to ship. There are reports that Lidatek is about to release an update that supports Stealth. Antilaser hasn't started shipping a product yet here in the US. The Escort ZR3 does not support Stealth mode.

    Stealth mode is a mode created by Laser Atlanta. There are two modes. Standard, and Stealth mode. The only radar detector that currently detects Stealth mode is the V1.

    When you are ready to buy give Radar Roy a shout. He will give you a great deal on the jammer and is the best at customer support before and after the sale.





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