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    OK, here is the question: Do the lenses on the M45 heads have any function other than to protect the diodes/electronics inside.

    Here is the why: In my struggle to find a place to mount 4 of these things, I noticed that with the lenses off, the heads are much smaller around the area with the diodes showing. I was thinking if there may be a way to install them with just that area poking through on the inside of the headlight assembly. They would still be protected by the headlamp lenses and they would be very stealthy.

    That said, I have a strong feeling that the lenses diffuse the LIDAR for better reception and filter out the other spectrums of light.

    What's the scoop?

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    If they function like the built-in lenses on Escort's ZR4 system, then these lenses actually serve to rather tightly focus the IR radiation from the IR emitters in a very thin horizontally oriented wedge. This significantly improves the performance of the jammers by upping the IR emission intensity per steradian. This is also why these products must be mounted very level (preferably within about a degree) for ideal performance.



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