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    Default is it time to buy a blinder

    I've been sorta following the discussions for a while about the blinder not being able to jam all guns etc.

    Are there new blinders available for sale that remedy these problems, or I should I hold on for a while until a newer unit is made public?

    Also, any installers in the WNY area (Buffalo etc.)?


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    The new Blinder works as promised from the testing that RacerX has done with Radar Roy. The numbers look decent, and are consistent. I don't think you are going to go wrong with a Blinder at this point. If you live in an area where there are legal issues then a more stealthy install might be more desireable. The Blinder install is not easy to conceal with the larger LED heads. Other products might be a better fit if concealment is of a high priority. Bang for the buck the Blinder is the best deal and the only currently shipping product that does jam LA Stealth mode.

    Other products have been promised soon, but who knows when they will get here and the retail products still have not been tested. I would at the very least wait until you see some test numbers from the updated or new products before you rush to buy one of these products. I want to see a good cross section of guns used against any new product or updated product. As we have seen in testing the make and model of gun do matter, environmental conditions, handheld vs tripod matters... Good luck in your search.




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