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    Question Traffipax Detection/Jamming

    I'm posting from outside the U.S. A few weeks ago, fixed traffic cameras begun to spread in my city (photos attached). Their brand is 'Traffipax', they are set as rear aspect cameras shooting vehicles from behind.

    The traffic camera system consists of two units, the actual camera box, & a separate pole (several yards away in front of the camera's pole) with an unknown device on top, both are installed at traffic lights & seem to be both for red lights & speed control. The camera box has 2 round windows, the top one houses the camera itself & the bottom seems to be some sort of a light, a flash light perhaps.

    Is anybody here familiar with this type of cameras, how do they work? and if Blinder offers devices that are able to detect and/or jam them?

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    Default Traffipax attached pics

    To see my attached photos, kindly go to my introduction post titled: 'newbie against laser'



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