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    Default Any info on new M100?

    hi, does anyone have any info on the new M100?
    I had emailed blinderusa about getting some replacement lenses for my M10 twin, and they are actually sending me free lenses. Very cool.
    They also mentioned the new M100. I replied for more info, so i'll let you know what they say.
    Anyone here have any info?

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    Default M100

    Well I am surprised that they mentioned this, but yes they are working on a new laser jammer. Release date is not yet known, the unit is just in preliminary development
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    The M-10 is 2nd generation, no longer made. We do have lens for the unit and some spare parts not many. The new M-20 and M-40 are the way to go. There is no M100 never has been or never will. Thanks for using Blinder for your laser protection.



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