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    Default Blinder X-treme m27 and cheetah c100

    Hi guys, I'm looking at buying the blinder x-treme m27 for my Audi A4 (2003 B6 style).

    I plan on interfacing this with a Cheetah C100 and a V1.

    I see that the official cheetah site has a the C100 along with a valentine One interface package, and they also offer a Cheetah laser jammer interface module. If I but the Blinder M27 and the Cheetah LJ interface, will that allow me to wirelessly hookup my LJ to the C100? There seems to be another product that allows wireless interfacing with a LJ, and I just want to make sure that this serves the same purpose (ie: preventing the need to go through my firewall).

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Blinder X-treme m27 and cheetah c100

    There are two wireless options for the Blinder M27.

    The Cheetah Wireless Fitting Kit is for fitting the Blinder on it's own as a wireless jammer system. It has it's own little in-car display.

    You don't need the full Wireless Fitting Kit because you don't need this seperate little in-car display as you'll be getting the jammer alerts on the C100.

    You should buy the Cheetah Laser Jammer Interface for the Blinder M27.

    They are basically the same kit, it's just that one has the extra display and the other doesn't. You get the same easy wireless install with both products. The Laser Jammer Interface will save you a little extra $$$ too.



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