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    Default When does the M27 emmit infared light?

    Thought I'd post in the "blinder Laser Jammer" section instead.

    Does the M27 emit dangerous Infared light only when it detects a lazer gun? Meaning that while the car is on and the M27 transmiter are at "standby" its safe to look at them?

    Manual says not to look at them, but didnt specify when.

    I also assume that when you manuall turn off the Jammer from within the car, it completely turns off any power going to it. Not just somewhat turn it off so it doesnt output infared while the LEO is testing your jammer at a stop.

    thanks appreciate any input before purchasing.

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    Default Re: When does the M27 emmit infared light?

    First of all, the IR light isn't *that* dangerous. As long as you don't stare directly into it (eyeball to head) while it's jamming you won't hurt your eyes. Even the LI (which uses laser diodes instead of LEDs) is rated "eye safe".

    Second, the only time the Blinder emits anything is when it's actually receiving a signal from a lidar gun, and is jamming it. Also, if you put it into parking mode, it will emit brief pulses. If you turn the power off, it is *OFF*, nothing will be coming from the heads (if you wired it correctly).
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    Default Re: When does the M27 emmit infared light?



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