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    Could anybody enlighten me as to how to get a ZA version of the Blinder. When I bought mine a few months back, Blinder themselves said that the USA version is sufficient for the South African Market. Now they have released a ZA version, I have contacted our local supplier, but he cannot tell me when he will have the ZA version, so am I now open to being caught because one or other gun is not incorporated in my blinder software, or is it the same as the US version at the moment.

    I just cannot comprehend why they do not just have one version of the blinder and get it over and done with, Jam all guns, irrespective of where you live. Think it is a schlep if you have to modify your software to cover only certain regions, just opens you up for mistakes to creep in.
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    most likely all just different software.

    BTWs there are a few European guns used in South Africa. Contact blinder and ask for the international software as it jams the USA guns as well as the Euro-guns

    I am beginning to think that Blinder did not have their international jamming developed when they first released their new jammer

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    the main reason why it is best to have different version is two fold, one it makes the jammers faster because they don't have to look through information concerning guns that you will never see and lastly and best is they they can reduce falsing, such as for the infinity, the pps is close to a euro gun but seeing as we don't have that gun here it is easier to block the infinity and have less falses.



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