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    Default civic installation pics

    Here are some pics of my install in my 00civic Ex. Im very happy with the quick shipment time and product support! The new units have a 30 second test mode that they forgot to add to the installation material. Works great so far, I haven't been targeted yet by laser but I know it is working. While in test mode you can aim a tv remote at the sensors and set off the alarm, after test mode the remote would'nt create a false alarm, this thing is smart! here are some pics, Im using a bra, veil, v1, and an m20. Im glad I got the v1 as well! I think Ill leave the sensors where they are and see how they perform.

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    it hardly looks like you have VEIL on those headlights....i might suggest smoked headlight covers

    Spoiler: show

    Radar Detectors-V1 & BEL v995
    Laser Jammer-Laser Interceptor Quad
    GPS Camera Locator-Cheetah C100
    GPS Nav-Garmin nuvi w/Trapster
    CB Radio-Galaxy DX-949 w/Wilson 500
    Scanner-RS Pro-96

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    Default veil

    yeah, that was before I pus the veil on, It does smoke the headlights pretty good



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