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    Default Video: How to test your Blinder Mx7

    [ame=]Blinder Mx7 night camera test on Vimeo[/ame]

    1. Make sure its as dark as possible.

    2. Put the Blinder into parking mode. This causes the IR LEDs to flash. The Blinder then looks for the reflection and changes the rate of "beeps" from the speaker based on distance.

    3. Put your video camera in "night mode".

    4. You should see the LEDs on the view finder on the camera. The beep rate will change based on how close you get to the sensors.

    Note that this does not test if they are shifting against lidar encounters. This only tests that the heads are picking up IR and the LEDs are firing. Do this monthly to check for proper sensor operation, make sure no LEDs are burnt out, etc. It is strongly recommended that you get with a local member of this site to perform a full test of the Blinder's shifting capabilities on your vehicle.
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