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    Default Blinder install M-27

    This is the best I can do with this vehicle.
    Yes, the heads are partially sticking out of the grill-slant. The part of the head are flush with the grill.

    Vertical axis-Good
    On the left head, it is slightly diverge (less than 8 degree).....plan to adjust it at a later time... It's a bit*h to get it to be perfectly straight...

    Install time 6 hours.......the majority of it went to head placement.

    My only concern, the heads are not 18 inches apart from it each. It's impossible with this car.

    1.5-2 inch of the turning single is not covered (from outter edge of head to turning signal)

    Parking device are not kosher where I live. I would have just installed on the bumper if kosher. It would be an eye-sore, but would yield the best result.

    My current install is not the prettiest.... That disappeared when head protruded outside the grilll.. plus I over cut 2 or 3 of the grills on the bottom...only visible when one is crouching down.....

    It's an older car, so esthetic is not a big issue....function over esthetic in this case.

    Any suggestions? Improvment?
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    Default Re: Blinder install M-27

    I pushed mine out as far as I could, and ended up with about 20" from edge of transponder, to edge of HL's.. Best thing for you to do is get it tested and go from there..

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    Default Re: Blinder install M-27

    the new heads in my opinion extend the 18" rule, I say you can easily get away with 20-25". during my testing with my car, I was using a PL2 and were shooting the rear. The heads are mounted by the plate and to the edge of the car they are easily 25"-30" but I was JFG. The only time a reading happened was when I told the shooter to shoot the mirrors, and the blinder could not see the beam. But then it only happened to about 100 feet from then on even if he shot the mirror the blinder could see it and would jam. Also all of this was done off axis, about 10 feet from the side of the road.

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    Default Re: Blinder install M-27

    Big props for manning up and cutting the grille. It's going to make all the difference in your performance. It will definitely save you more in fines than it would cost you to replace the grille.

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