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    Default Blinder mounting help??

    Dear radar and laser friends,

    I need some advice on a different way of mounting my jamming heads. I posted a picture of my mount so that readers could see where they are and where I would like them to be. Currently, they are mounted using the kit that was included. I would like to use some double sided mounting tape to place them on the bottom of the white part, rather than have them mounted using the kit on the top of the black part.

    The only problem is: I measured the angle of the bottom of the white part, and it is pointing up about 5 degrees, which means the heads will be shooting up 5 degrees when I need them to be pointing 100% level to the road.

    So I am asking for any suggestions you might have.

    Oh yeah, the reason I need to change the way they are mounted is because they aren't staying level. The grip of the screws isn't tight enough, and no matter how tight I try to make them, the heads are still moving over the course of a few days driving. Also, my car going through the car wash moves them a lot as well. I had them mounted once using sticky tape, and it they never moved. I would need to tear them which off, which was difficult because of the tape I used.



    P.S. I am thinking about getting a 3rd head because of my massive front end.... mounting advice on it as well?? Thank you.
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    Default Re: Blinder mounting help??

    I think I understand what you are describing. Your off 5d left to right correct?

    If so, use a shim. It can be ss washers or black pvc tubing, something that will allow you to drop the one side down.

    Regarding the movement, there shouldn't be any unless you stripped the hole or you used the wrong screw. There are two sizes and I hope you didn't use the long ones to screw into the blinder. You may have damaged it.

    If you want to secure it better, try silicone but you have to make sure it sets at the correct angle.

    I added a third head to my front end.

    Good Luck.



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