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    Default finally!! my first laser jammed that i can actually confirmed that it is jamming.

    okay so this is the first time i can positively confirm that i jammed a laser gun. i saw the constable holding a LTI ultralyte with his window open aiming at incoming cars @ a local street. so i made a U-turn and hoping he would hit me so i can see how it perform.. i think he hit me about +/-500ft away, my cheetah wireless display alert me two times, so i can honestly say that he hit me two times before i slow down and turn off the blinder so he can get mine speed. i have my cpu software alert setting of 1 second. the thing is i just passed another car, and the officer got the vehicle behind me. so i am pretty confident that he did not get mine speed.

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    Default Re: finally!! my first laser jammed that i can actually confirmed that it is jamming.

    I did the same thing like you did when I first got my blinders installed. Saw a LEO shooting a lidar gun on a local street. I went to do a U turn and I actually passed him 3x. On all occasssions my blinder went off with my escort ix also alerting me to laser. I thought my system worked until I had them tested last month and did nothing to jam. I ended up re-installing the heads to make sure they are squared and levelled to the ground. This is not to discourage you but I won't feel confident until I get them tested with a lidar gun by somebody. Otherwise your just having a false sense of security. Good luck.



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